Did you know that Evelyn Wood, “speed reading” guru, was from Logan, Utah? I just learned this ‘googling’ trying to glean some poesis from our trip to this small town in northern Utah. We were there for a family gathering and for a seminar at Utah State University which made it worth while (many thanks to those bright and wise individuals who contributed and from whom I learned). Over and beyond that however, due to weather and schedule demands, I didn’t get a chance to walk a neighborhood or see their art museum (@ USU) or even see, what appeared to be, dscn9724a.jpgthe imposing mountains that embrace this town. So the richness, which I’m sure is there, that those who live there know, was not apparent to me. And so I’m reminded of one of Woody Allen’s quotable’s: “I took a speed-reading course and read War and Peace in twenty minutes. It involves Russia.”

Here’s the “Russia” (Rush-“uh?”) on Logan:
Saturday evening? Hmmmm…LDS temple or Logan Lanes (bowling)? The LDS temple is prominent and competes with the surrounding mountains (kind of like this). I know cathedrals and temples, in general, dominate their settings, but what I saw lacked a sense of proportion. It looked more like the fly tower to the auditorium of a theatre but, architecturally (formally), there was no auditorium. The LDS fly tower’s twin towers are lighted hauntingly at night likedscn9702a.jpg ojo de dios as if to pose the question: are you sure you want to go bowling? As for the bowling, the parking lot looked as crowded as an after-Christmas sale at any-mall USA. Which brings me to my third observation, once again, based on my marginalized experience of the place: after “information overload” (an Evelyn Wood term) of a full-day’s seminar I was ready for my spirit of choice – a white wine spritzer of pinot grigio (aka “peanut gringo”) and lime-flavored sparkling water. I went to an Albertson’s and then to a Smith’s and found the same scenario: no liquor (no prob.) but no wine either. There is, however, an aisle for beer. Beer aisle and no wine?…I suddenly have the urge to ‘google’ the results of the democratic primary in Utah. The results were just what I suspected.