“What foreclosure crisis?”

Speaking of corporate takeovers, what’s up with Huffington Post (a.k.a. “HuffPost” which I can’t help calling “PuffHost” or “PuffHo” now)?  Is it the relatively recent merger with AOL that has lowered the rung on what and how “stories” are headlined?  When I check in for the read on the political climate, I’m finding the news in the center column accompanied with any T&A story they can scare up over in the right column.  The graphics seem to be conveniently laid out as well so that politico’s are grinning and leering at the latest “wardrobe malfunction” – their line of sight, extending beyond the frame of the photo, conveniently lines up with the latest photo of a “nip-slip” story.  Even The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart has resorted to calling it the “Sideboob Gazette.”  It’s become the open forum for any slighted starlet to garner free publicity by walking out of her house without wearing a bra.  Ultimately, when reading news at home makes me want to adjust my bra strap or makes me feel like I’m reading a rag that grown men still living in their mothers’ basements read, it’s time to move on.  One concession though, when KimK or Victoria Beckham manage an alternate facial expression, THAT I gotta see.  Now there’s some real PuffHo headline news.

Meanwhile, I’ve found that The New Republic, The Atlantic, and NPR have more respect for their readers.