It’s not what you think. Thankfully, I’m not in debt. In fact, I’m a “deadbeat”. …Still…, it’s not what you think (per dictionary definition). I pay my credit card in full, on time, because I refuse to pay fees (because I refuse to pay “the man”) which, by credit-card-company definition, makes me a “deadbeat”. So what makes me “in the red” on Black Friday?  It’s “Buy Nothing Day” that one day of the year otherwise designated for abstinence from the capitalist consumption machine.  If that sounds a tad Marxist, that works for me and that’s why “I’m in the red” on Black Friday – a day well spent not spending.

It’s actually pretty tricky to figure out what to do and how to entertain yourself without spending

money -particularly in LA.  In general, “going out” costs. Nevermind the expense of gas or commuting, just parking your car begs for a fine:  $9 to hang out downtown on the weekend; $5 to park to take a hike.  Fortunately it’s free to park and watch the planes land at LAX.  It’s also pretty awesome to watch jet-engine machinery hurdle over you just a few (seemingly) feet above, and then there’s the experience of the shock-scale 747 lumbering over you:  it’s otherworldly – “priceless”  …for everything else there’s shoes.  Those  I’ll purchase on “cyber-Monday.”  I’m not a saint.

P.S.:  Here’s the Marxist Holiday video list (to watch while everyone else is out shopping):  Maxed Out, In Debt We Trust, Walmart:  The High Price of Low Cost, Power and Terror:  Noam Chomsky, Enron:  The Smartest Guys in the Room, What Would Jesus Buy?, and my extra-fave, Manufacturing Consent:  Noam Chomsky and the Media.