Finally. Got away for the weekend. John and I took Friday off for a long weekend to explore San Diego and hang out in La Jolla to see the the Salk Institute. It couldn’t have been a better day. I think I’ll forever be biased by my first impression/experience of this place on an exquisitely cloudy day. The moody, gray-blue, palpable sky cast the architecture and its materials into its warmth and its blush – when everything is neutral or grey, the subtleties of color blossom. And no contrasty/distracty shadows either. The diffuse light of a cloudy day illuminated the building and courtyard into a clear rendering of its form which lent a better feel for its scale and proportion and connection to the ocean-scape. Much like the architecture of classical Greece and of the Renaissance – those eras in which (hu)-man is the measure – you feel that balance and connection with a larger pattern; that harmony.

Our architectural nightcap (literally) was our stay at The Bed & Breakfast Inn at La Jolla. Another architectural thrill as it was once the George Kautz House designed by Irving Gill -one of California’s prescient (early modernist) architects. I happen to know this especially because I have the book by Marvin Rand on Irving J. Gill: a compilation of Rand’s exquisite photography of the architect’s buildings; prefaced and edited by his wife Mary Ann Danin and, just to brag, signed by the both of them.

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