…uh…what war?…what gas prices? …”CPR for the dead of night” (marketing tagline – how goth!) – what does that mean??? Exactly what do you want to resuscitate? How buffered do you have to be to WANT this car (or any brand-spanking-new-gas-guzzling SUV) and to have the time in the middle of the day (before lunch hour) to report to a falderal for the Ford Flex? I work nearby where this event took place and I watched in bewilderment over the wrong-place-wrong-time callousness of this event. Nevermind that after over 5 years of America at war in Iraq, Ford Motor lacks the foresight NOT to produce a tank of a vehicle, but to come to eco-conscious Venice Beach to launch this 4-wheeled totem of conspicuous consumption is brazen. What an incongruous coincidence that this event was just 2 doors down from the Smart Car launch – having observed both, I can tell you one was a crowded party with live music and the other looked like an EST meeting…guess. It’s no wonder to me Flex marketers are desperately targeting the narcissistic, independently-wealthy bachelor demographic because we all know that anyone with a conscience or a budget wouldn’t be caught dead in one – even though there’s room for the coffin.