The democratic primary IS the general election. McCain doesn’t stand a chance. All this twittering we’re hearing over Obama having a better chance to beat McCain than Clinton presumes McCain is viable and it’s a media ploy to hold the democratic primary and the “election in general” in a state of tension. Although such projection is based on exit polls, remember that exit polls cast John Kerry as winning the last general election before W’s team fixed that crisis. Exit polls are irrelevant.

What I feel is driving this is the MAN: the white-male controlled media and the older white-male vote. The media’s interest in holding the political scale steady between Obama and Clinton is they’re gaining audience – it keeps us tuned in as viewers, listeners, readers, to glean the language and the argument as to why our favored candidate is viable. And let’s face it, THIS is the real power structure: the white-male owned media: audience pays the MAN. Older white males in this country are not evolved enough to accept women in positions of seniority. This is still a glass-ceiling nation. Case in point, David Geffen debriefs to Maureen Dowd: “…I think that America was better served when the candidates were chosen in smoke-filled rooms.” There’s no doubt in my mind he’s picturing cigar smoke (…and sometimes a cigar is NOT a cigar). And so, with a similar bristling as Geffen, the tendency of the older white male voter is to keep Clinton out of the presidency. Additionally, the fear tactic used is: Obama can carry the vote in the general election against McCain, Hillary can’t – why? because of the older white-male vote. Despite this, Hillary is holding her own in the primary.

rosie.jpgUltimately, if you ignore the vapid, double standard by which Clinton is criticised (“shrill”, “wrinkled”, “I can’t stand her” (do you live with her?)) She really is the more seasoned of the candidates. She knows the playing field (which has carried her in the primary) and she’s not campaigning on the youthful idealism of “change” when stability hasn’t even been achieved yet. With America at war and entrenched in recession, W is once again the “decider”: “it’s the economy, stupid” and the Clintons know how to fix it.

Obama? My vote is yours in 2016! Hail to the Chieftress! says me!